The main accommodation is on-site. However we can optionally arrange local off-site 5* Camping and Caravanning, and Day Visitors are welcome.

On-site residential accommodation

The on-site residential accommodation comprises five houses with good boarding school standard rooms, comprising single, double and family rooms. Some rooms have integral wash-basins, and there are adequate numbers of bathrooms and showers which are adjoining or in close proximity to the rooms.

Each house has a comfortable lounge, kitchen area and laundry facilities, and most have additional showers and toilets on the ground floor.

Bed linen and all meals and drinks will be provided, but not towels. The College has basic facilities for the disabled.

Camping and Caravanning

We use an excellent 5* campsite, from where the views are truly wonderful, and which is about 4 minutes drive from the College.

Our caravans and tents can generally be pitched together for fellowship. Some on-site College facilities are available to our campers and caravanners.

Refreshments are provided at the College, as well as an evening meal on Monday and Friday. It is also possible to pre-book other meals.

Day visiting

There are local hotels and bed & breakfast facilities that can also be used for day visiting. For details, please contact Bro. Roger and Sis. Georgie.

Further details

See the booking forms.