This will include the daily readings and studies by the speakers in the morning and evening sessions.

The children and young people will have their own separate classes and programme.

The afternoons will be free for family fellowship with recreational activities and there will be optional additional studies and presentations during that time.

Supervised activities such as sport, walks and swimming in a newly renovated indoor pool will be arranged during free time. The College has a number of excellent facilities, including playing fields, cricket pitch, squash and tennis courts and a multi-sport gymnasium, which may also be used.

On Friday we enjoy a Family Evening, including presentations by the teenagers and children. There is usually also a singing group performance.

A typical daily programme

8.00 9.00 Breakfast
8.30 9.00 Optional daily reading session
9.30 10.30 Study 1
10.30 11.05 Coffee break
11.15 12.15 Study 2
12.15 12.30 Announcements
12.30 14.00 Lunch
14.00 17.15 Free time / optional activities
14.30 16.00 Optional walks
16.00 16.50 Optional studies
17.00 18.00 Singing group practice
17.15 1845 Evening meal
19.00 20.00 Study 3
20.00 Coffee break
21.30 22.00 Optional daily reading session
22.45 All quiet

The young people have their own scheduled studies and activities, graded according to age.

Other activities

The Bible School bookshop will be open at set times.

For toddlers, both an ‘Activity’ and a ‘Quiet’ creche will be available. Sound will be relayed into the ‘Quiet’ creche from the main hall.